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High Plains Consulting is a solutions and advisory services provider that specializes in startup and scale-up growth, with a focus on operational efficiency and maturity.

Our mission is to empower and educate leaders to be successful at incubating, growing and scaling their companies.

We work in partnership with VC (Venture Capital) and PE (Private Equity) ecosystems to help identity critical markets and companies in need of due diligence, advisory and mentorship services.

How We Do it

Discovery and analysis


Solution framework and roadmap

Business Stimulus and Framework

Use Case Application

Scorecard driven strategy

Discovery and analysis

Identify weaknesses

Accelerator package towards optimization


j. mills

Javed brings deep expertise to his consulting work, coupled with a deep curiosity which is shown in his insightful questions, feedback and on point examples. Javed enabled me to unpack a challenge, providing practical suggestions, great advice and helpful coaching. It’s a pleasure working with Javed, he is warm and friendly and very knowledgeable about his space

r. laverty

As an early stage startup, it’s crucially important to really get the post sales motion set up for customer happiness, adoption and expansion. Javed has been instrumental in helping build out our post sales journey – from mapping the customer journey with us to providing key guidance around customers to helping our CSMs directly

j. Cummins

I started working with Javed in November of 2022, we spent many weeks discussing my vision related to TraceAir’s customer journey. During this time, Javed pushed me to expand and improve my overall vision related TraceAir’s growth. The testing, and pushing allowed me to delve deeper into the customer journey. This guidance ensured our customer’s success but also TraceAir’s. Thank you so much!

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